What is Ekiya?

Your Generative AI, from your Knowledge and your Data


A customizable, AI-powered personal assistant for employees

Ekiya lets employees focus on interesting, important and rewarding tasks, while the AI quickly resolves the time-consuming & boring tasks.


Why is Ekiya different?

Building a generative AI solution tailored for each company is a complex journey

Ekiya´s inbuilt data & AI expertise helps companies embark on this journey by combining internal company documentation with deep-seated employee experience offering secured, personal, continued and iterative exchange between the employee and their knowledge base


What drives Ekiya?

Ekiya´s platform consists of customized, best in class software building blocks such as:

  • A generative AI transformer
  • AI engine fueled by symbolic reasoning & knowledge graphs
  • AI powered Domain Knowledge Extractor (DKE)

With Ekiya, companies will build solid foundations for their future AI endeavors.

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